Nagoya Research Center for Brain & Neural Circuits


Dr. Ikue Mori received the 2016 Chunichi Cultural Award.


   Ikue Mori received the 2016 Chunichi Cultural Award for the study on the information processing in neural circuits in the brain.
   The Chunichi Shimbun, a Nagoya area-based newspaper company with nearly 3 million subscribers, established the award in 1947, in commemoration of the constitution of Japan.  The Chunichi Cultural Award is given Individuals or organizations, which contributed to improvement of Culture.
   Other recipients of this year's 69th Chunichi Cultural Award are Physicist Hiroshi Ooguri of California Institute of Technology for the development of mathematical theory of elementary particles, Physicist Takaaki Kajita (a Nobel prize winner in Physics 2015) of University of Tokyo for the discovery of neutrino oscillations showing that neutrinos have mass, and Poet Toru Kitagawa for his practice in modern poetry and systematization of historical essays on modern poetry.

     Photos are from the Award ceremony held on June 3th, 2016.   
The newspaper article (2016/5/3), The Chunichi Shimbun:


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